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Welcome to This is an on-line management training course that provides key topics that will help you become a more effective manager. Annual membership is now only £3.99, and life membership £9.99.  A number of key topics management topics are currently covered, with new ones being added each month. 

Every topic has an on-line management training article and several videos yo accompany it. There is also an exercise to guide you in implementing what is covered.

As a member, you can also post issues and situations to discuss in the forumI am also offering a 30 minute online coaching session for all members, with the opportunity to continued paid coaching after. 

Join today, and begin to work through topic to improve yourself as a manager. You will not find a cheaper on-line management training course, designed by an experienced management trainer, on the internet. 

Management & Leadership Training

ManagemenT Training Articles

Every topic has an article that explains it fully, along with an exercise to work on. Every month a new topic is added. Become a member and start to work through each one to help you improve.

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ManagemenT Training Videos

There are also several short training videos to explain  the management topic. Each video is bite-size, between 4-7 minutes long, explaining the area clearly, and challenging you to apply it professionally.

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Managers' Blog / FORUMS

Further management articles, available to anyone, are posted in the blog. Members can also post issues or situations they are facing as a manager in the forums, for all members to discuss.

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Management & Leadership Training Topics

Management & Leadership Training Topics Covered

  • Module 1 – What Is The Main Purpose Of A Manager?

This module makes clear the main purpose of a manager. What it is that they are there for.

  • Module 2 – What Is Leadership?

Here the meaning of leadership is explored, with a clear and succinct definition of it provided.

  • Module 3 – Why Is Practising Integrity Important For Managers?

In this module, integrity is defined and the importance for managers to practise is explained.

  • Module 4 – What Are The Differences Between Leadership And Management?

Clear differences between leadership and management are explained, with the introduction of the term ‘pure management’, and why managers must do both. 

  • Module 5 – What Are Six Sources Of Power Influence For Managers?

Six sources of power influence are explained in detail, coming under the headings of Position and Personal Power Influencers. Used correctly, they can help a manager achieve better results with their team

  • Module 6 – What Are The Characteristics Of Effective Leaders?

Characteristics of effective leaders has been discussed for hundreds of years. In this topic we look at the six characteristics of effective leaders from two leadership researchers, plus a few more. I then outline the ones I think are key for effective leaders

Upcoming Topics

Next Up On

  • What Is The Management Grid And The Challenge Of Leadership?

We deliver management training content based on management and leadership courses I have delivered to several thousand managers over the last eight years

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