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Richard Pheasant

Richard M. Pheasant

MTh, DipComp, DipTESOL, MInstLM

Author Of Effectivemanager.net

Richard Pheasant is a highly experienced management and leadership trainer and coach. He specialises in working with managers to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to lead their team and achieve effective and sustainable results. He especially enjoys those times when managers realise their purpose, and what they need to do to be effective in their leadership of others. 

Richard worked for one of the top training companies in Dubai, Spearhead Training, before returning to the UK and is now the Director and Lead Trainer of Bespoke Business Training Ltd, based in Hampshire, UK. 

During his time in Dubai, he specialised in delivering management and leadership training courses to several thousand managers from various companies and organisations in management and leadership skills. Previously, Richard lectured on Leadership to students at an Oil and Gas Engineering University in Abu Dhabi, alongside his main role as Head of Department for Computing, where he led a team of trainers delivering computing training to university students and staff.

The knowledge and skills that Richard passed on to business managers and organisational leaders is now made available as an on-line management training course here on effectivemanager.net. All of the topics covered through the training articles and videos are designed to improve your leadership and management knowledge and skills, in order to help you to be a better and more effective manager.

For more information on Richard and companies he and his colleague Laurence have delivered training for, click here: https://bespokebusinesstraining.uk/about-us

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