Articles 4&2. – What Is Leadership And The Differences Between Leadership & Management


In this article, leadership is explained and defined and the ‘Trust and Respect Model’ is introduced as an important aspect of leadership. Differences between leadership and management are then exploreed. I introduce the term ‘Pure Management’, and I explain why the discussion ‘Leaders vs Managers’ is a waste of time.


In this article, the meaning of leadership is explored and a clear definition is provided. The importance of developing trust and respect is outlined using ‘The Trust and Respect Model’. In the second part, differences between leadership and management are explained, starting with a look at the origins of each word. The origins of each word help to explain how they are different and that Leadership is about people and Management is about resources, and a manager has to do both in order to be effective. I introduce the term ‘Pure Management’ in order to explain how under the term Management, a manager must practice both Leadership and Pure Management. I also explain why the discussion on Leaders vs Managers is a waste of time.